It is almost impossible to read through a text on the history of The Arizona Territory (1863-1912) and not come across a reference to the state’s legendary mining past. Gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc. Even today, Arizona mines are busy employing over 12,000 workers directly and another 31,800 in support services. Sixty-five percent of the nation’s copper supply continues to be extracted here from within the 48th state.

It’s no wonder then that many of Arizona’s cities and towns were named for the mining industry and the miners themselves. The town of Globe is no different.

Globe is 50 miles due east of Phoenix in the Pinal Mountains. The population was 7,532 at the time of the latest census. It serves as the county seat for Gila County.

According to Arizona Place Names (1935) by Will Barnes, the town’s name comes from a sizeable mineral discovery in a local stream around 1873. Barnes wrote,”First mines were silver and very rich. At a point on Pinal Creek now called Radium, a prospector picked up a large globe or ball of silver, perfect in shape, and about 9 inches in diameter. It was 99 percent pure and valued at over $12,000. From this the camp received its name.”

It is interesting to me that the miner in the account simply picked up the sphere from the creek. The author implies no digging or effort to extract the argentate orb. I have read similar accounts dazed of 19th-century settlers first arriving in Yarnell to find potato-sized nuggets of gold just laying on the ground. Imagine their disbelief.

Initially, miners were drawn to Globe for the gold and silver deposits. Through 1929, over $10,000,000 of deposits of the precious metals were extracted from the area. The real winner though would be copper. Mines in the area of Globe produced $360,000,000 in copper over the same time period. Copper deposits had originally been passed over by the early miners in favor of gold and silver.

For most of its early history, Globe was a frontier town. Apache raids, stagecoach robberies, and new mining camps made headlines. After the silver discovery, Globe was laid out by a surveyor in 1876 and formally received its moniker on May 1, 1878. The Arizona Territory wouldn’t become a state until 1912.

Globe has a notable Hollywood connection. According to IMDb, Wonder Woman TV star and crowned 1972 Miss World USA contestant Lynda Carter attended Globe High School and Arcadia High School in Phoenix before matriculating at ASU. Her mother was born in Globe.

The towns of Bisbee, Jerome, Wickenburg, Crown King, and Yarnell in central Arizona are locations whose names were also derived from the mining industry.

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Some of the best memories of my childhood were of being with my grandmother when she was making tortillas, having to cut the tripe when she made menudo, or sorting the sticks and stones out of the beans on her table. – Actress Lynda Carter on her family time spent in Globe, Arizona

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