I’ve been curious exactly how many single-family homes are in the Valley. So I recently contacted the source closest to the answer.

According to an October 2019 estimate by the Maricopa County Assessor’s office, the number of single-family homes in Maricopa County is 1.283 million. The number does not include apartments, condos or manufactured housing (mobile homes).

Maricopa County comprises the bulk of the Phoenix metro, but Pinal County to the southeast has a chunk of the pie too. Approximately 131,000 single-family homes in Pinal County comprise 74% of the county’s housing units.

Combined, there are about 1.414 million single-family homes across the two counties that make up Greater Phoenix.

A single-family home is a detached structure that is built on its own parcel of land. Its use is not shared with other owners. There is typically one kitchen and a direct, exclusive access point to a street. Single-family homes do not share utility meters with other properties.

The number of single-family homes in the Valley grows every day due to the thousands of newly built homes coming online every year. According to data obtained by Michael Orr’s Cromford Report, homebuilders pulled permits for 18,237 single-family homes in Maricopa County in 2018. Pinal County added 5,205 to the count over the same period.

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