Lots to discuss this week. Mortgage interest rates have bumped up ever so slightly, but remain near 3-year lows. The biggest challenge is that this market (especially in the lower price ranges) is tilted heavily in favor of sellers. The top end of the market is much cooler.

There is currently only 48.9 days of housing inventory for all areas and types around the greater Phoenix market.

Good news with 30-day+ first mortgage delinquency rates for Arizona, according to Black Knight Financial Services. Lower delinquency, in fact, than the national average. That wasn’t the case 10 years ago. Well done, Arizona!

Here is the Freedom Debt Relief July 2019 homeowner survey.

Be sure to tune into my upcoming episode #15 of The Arizona Report with Phoenix Realtor Laura Boyajian. Laura specializes in the historic districts and neighborhoods around Phoenix.


Phoenix Real Estate Market | Week in Review 8-24-19


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