Abigail Golder

Phoenix, Arizona is increasingly one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations. In recent years, thousands of people have made the city home. There’s no secret as to why people are flocking here either: year-round beautiful weather, endless activities and attractions and exponential growth makes this area a perfect place to call home. In 2018, the Valley of the Sun has some exciting opportunities for current and future residents living in Phoenix. While the list is endless, we’ve created this guide to help you navigate the new year.

The Phoenix Real Estate Market

Last year, the Phoenix real estate market was off the charts. More homes were bought and sold throughout the Valley than recent years by as much as 6-percent. According to The Arizona Republic, 2018 is expected to top those numbers. This is good news for both buyers and sellers living in Phoenix.

Phoenix homebuyers can be assured there is no better time to buy. The market is hot and will only continue to grow in the coming months. Homes bought now will only continue to grow in worth, so the investment opportunities are endless. Neighborhoods like Arcadia, Old Town Scottsdale, and Downtown Tempe are some of the most popular in the area.

Phoenix real estate tip: Even though the market is likely in your favor, finding the right Realtor® is essential to getting exactly what you want in Phoenix. The city is huge and familiarity with the neighborhoods is essential.

The Weather

It’s no secret that it’s hot in Phoenix during the summer. So just how hot does it get? On the hottest of days, the temperature can reach and sometimes exceed 120 degrees. But don’t worry, heat like that only comes around every once in a while. There are still plenty of ways people living in Phoenix have learned to beat the heat during the summer though.

A great way many Phoenix residents not only beat the heat, but learn to enjoy the summer is by taking a short trip to San Diego. The ocean-side city is only a short 6-hour drive away. Pack up family and friends and enjoy the waves.

If escaping the Valley isn’t an option, check out nearby resorts. Many offer steep discounts in the summer and some offer an extra discount to residents living in Phoenix. Relax at the pool, get a massage and pretend your hundreds of miles away at a local resort like Talking Stick Resort.

Phoenix weather tip: Never leave children or pets in the car, especially in the summer time. Many people don’t know that even when it’s only 75 degrees outside, a car can heat up to 100 degrees in just ten minutes. If it’s 100 degrees outside, the internal car temperature will reach 140 degrees in the same amount of time.


When living in Phoenix, it’s pretty necessary to own a car. That said, the design of the highway systems allows those who commute to work by car – which includes 94% of all Phoenicians – to avoid fighting the kind of traffic seen in other major cities.

The city is also making moves in 2018 to grow its public transportation system, Valley Metro. Not only does this make life easier for residents, but also it’s ecologically friendly. Plans are in the works to expand the city’s light rail system by about eight miles.

Transportation tip: The HOV lanes on the highway are a great way to beat the traffic if you are carpooling to work. But not many people know there are other exceptions to driving in the fast lane. Some alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles are also permitted to use the HOV lane, regardless of how many passengers are inside.


There are some Phoenix attractions that find their way back to the city year after year and with them, comes thousands of people – not just those living in Phoenix. Because of the never-ending trail of tourism and local support, new opportunities are rising up around every corner. This year, all of the Phoenix favorites are still in town. The Waste Management Phoenix Open just finished up and now Spring Training fans are making their way to town.

Phoenix is quickly becoming a food destination as well. With renowned chefs, like Guy Fieri making frequent visits and long-time Phoenician, Beau MacMillan creating a well-known name, Phoenix food is definitely something to talk about. In fact, last year, six chefs and restaurants in the Valley were nominated for James Beard Awards. In 2018, restaurants have been popping up left and right.

Attractions tip: The beautiful weather during winter months bring thousands of part-time residents – referred to as “snowbirds” – down from other states. Because of this, many of the most popular destinations can be very crowded. It’s best to make reservations whenever possible or visit restaurants during off times, like before dinner.

While there’s much more to the city than meets the eye, hopefully this 2018 guide to Phoenix will help you navigate through the new year. Ready to make the move? Contact our Phoenix real estate agent for all your home hunting needs.