About David Meek

Phoenix residential real estate is my beat. I'm an Arizona real estate broker with Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Scottsdale. Full-time Realtor® since 1998. State licensed as a home inspector. Indiana origins. I moved to Phoenix in 2014 for cobalt blue skies, perpetual sun and this world-class Sonoran Desert lifestyle. Understanding the connections that drive our resale housing and new home construction markets in the Valley of the Sun is exhilarating. Eager to share what I learn about homes every day, so I created The Arizona Report ™ to document my discoveries. Hiker, ham radio operator KD9AEK and quiet thinker. Dogs form a queue for my ear scratches. Believer in Jeffersonian democracy. Relationships, not transactions, are feeding my business. Occasional cigar. Myers-Briggs: INFP. Age 44.
Phoenix residential real estate is my beat.