Despite the beautiful Southwest climate that helps make visiting an open house a pleasure most of the year, there is a best time to sell your house in Phoenix. Looking at statistics for the last few years reveals that time to be June. Listing a house in April and closing in June brought sellers the highest prices and the least number of days on the market.

May was not far behind, also bringing excellent results for sellers who list in March. In fact, sellers did better closing April to October than in other months. But as with much numerical data, it depends on your sample. Focusing on only 2017 shows the month of November as best for both price and a speedy sale.

Such a shift can have various causes, from weather elsewhere to business trends in the Phoenix area. It’s a good reminder that many factors influence a house sale, including the features of each property and the trends in each local real estate market. A realtor with expertise in your particular market can help make sense of your research and pinpoint the right time to sell in your area.

Timing Isn’t Everything

A good agent won’t just advise on timing, but will also create a marketing plan that gets your house the best exposure, and will help you set a listing price based on a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of local sales.

They often provide other services as well, such as tips on repairs and upgrades, advice on staging the home, or trusted vendors from their contact list.

So if the question of what you need to do to sell your house arises, realtors have many of the answers. Sellers can then help their agents succeed by collecting all documents related to the property, from the deed and the lead-paint disclosure to the appliance manuals, to streamline the business of the sale.

Sellers can also help with house showings by improving curb appeal to make a wonderful first impression on potential buyers. Landscaping should be as groomed and attractive as possible, including the exterior walls. The path from the street and the front door area deserve special attention.

Keep the house minimally furnished, sparkling clean, and free of personal clutter, so it can look nicely staged at short notice. Remove signs of animal inhabitants, including fur, bowls, beds, toys, and odors. A smart seller arranges for their pet to be elsewhere or confined to a small space during house showings, for everyone’s sake.

A Combined Effort

The most successful house requires both effective timing and excellent presentation, the combined efforts of a savvy seller and an experienced real estate agent.