Living in the Sonoran Desert means sharing the landscape with snakes. There are 13 species of venomous snakes in Arizona. If you live on the edge of the city, and your back yard is a wet oasis from the searing sun, they could drop in for a visit.

In the video below, we will discuss steps you can take to limit these reptile encounters.

Join me for episode #3 of The Arizona Report™ “Snakes on a Podcast: How to Snakeproof Your Arizona Home.” You will meet one of the foremost experts in rattlesnake encounters, homeowner education and snake proofing in the state. He also brought along a live female Western diamondback rattlesnake to the studio!

About Bryan D. Hughes

My guest, Bryan D. Hughes, is an amateur field herpetologist and owner of Rattlesnake Solutions LLC, a snake removal services and prevention group. Bryan and his team of 12 field agents and 3 full-time installers serve all of greater Phoenix and Tucson. The company is the most active rattlesnake relocation service in Arizona. Their service provides 100% humane relocation to the snake in the desert outside of the city and away from homes. He has been relocating snakes professionally for 10 years.

The 24-hour emergency hotline for snake removal is 480-237-9975 in the Phoenix area. If you are in Tucson, call 520-308-6211. Cost for the Phoenix rattlesnake removal service varies, but most calls are around $120, according to Hughes. For $20 more, Rattlesnake Solutions will perform a property inspection and make suggestions to snake proof your home and prevent callbacks.

Here is the full podcast episode:


Snake Removal Services: How To Snakeproof Your Arizona Home #3


Hughes estimates that 7 out of 10 snake removal calls around Phoenix are for Western diamondback rattlesnakes.

There is a silver lining for those who could go three lifetimes without ever wanting to see a snake. Most rattlesnake encounters with Phoenix homeowners happen not in the central city, but in the neighborhoods that ring the metro within a 1/4 mile of the open desert. Most of the calls that Bryan’s company receives come in from far-flung corners of the Valley like Cave Creek, Anthem, Gold Canyon and North Scottsdale.

Some of the questions answered in this podcast episode:

  • What communities of the Valley experience the most rattlesnake activity?
  • How can a homeowner snake proof a home?
  • Where are snakes commonly found in and around a home?
  • Which species of rattlesnake is the most common in central Arizona?
  • What snakes are the enemy of the rattlesnake?
  • How much does it cost for emergency snake removal in Phoenix?
  • What are the most common snakes that one could encounter hiking around Phoenix?

Rattlesnake Encounters

Bryan gives presentations on Arizona rattlesnakes and encounter prevention to homeowner associations (HOAs), church groups, and school groups. Rattlesnake Solutions LLC also installs snake fencing for properties that have desert frontage or back to a desert wash. He can be reached at the phone numbers above or The Facebook page for Rattlesnake Solutions LLC features education information for curious homeowners and budding herpetologists.

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Let Bryan know at the time of the written estimate that you saw his interview on The Arizona Report™ and receive 10% off of a snake fence installation from Rattlesnake Solutions.

This episode was recorded on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, at our Scottsdale studio.

Have you encountered a rattlesnake in your yard in the Phoenix area? Leave me a comment below with the name of your community and the type of snake.


Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake. – W.C. Fields, comedian, actor and vaudevillian whose silver-screen persona was a hard-drinking misanthrope