Jim Klinge is a Carlsbad, California real estate broker with his finger on the pulse of housing trends. His website, BubbleInfo.com earned the national news spotlight on ABC’s Nightline during the housing crisis for his frank, direct and helpful video assessments of the impact of the crash on Southern California.

Jim and his wife Donna have sold over 1,000 homes around the San Diego metro since the mid-1990s. He still posts real estate commentary almost every day.

Now Jim is hearing from many clients that they are ready to cash out of the dizzying San Diego market and take their proceeds elsewhere before the market cycle tops. Many of those clients have lived in San Diego County for decades and are in the midst of retirement and relocation. Their goal is to find a similar warm climate while simultaneously freeing up cash for lifestyle purposes.

His clients aren’t alone. According to a September 2019 survey by the Institute of Government Studies at Berkley, 54% of registered Californian voters have given at least some consideration to leaving the state. Many cite the rising cost of housing, taxes or politics as the source of their motivation.

According to Jim, one of the markets that keeps rising to the top of the wish list is Phoenix. Compared to Southern California prices, homes in the Valley of the Sun are affordable and the 300 annual days of sun here isn’t turning people away.

On paper, Phoenix looks attractive. Out of 3,200 counties in the nation, Maricopa County is the number one county in terms of population growth. Over 200 new residents each day are moving to the Phoenix metro. Low effective property tax rates and a pro-business legislative environment continue to draw businesses here from all corners of the U.S.

Jim knows Phoenix well. He lived here during his Shadow Mountain High School years in a neighborhood just off of Shea Boulevard and 40th Street. As a result, he is a great resource for Californians who are looking to resettle in the Valley of the Sun. He speaks knowledgeably about the housing market here and the amenities that are important to retiring Californians, like proximity to high-quality healthcare.

A few weeks ago, Jim asked me to put together a video tour of a home in his former stomping grounds near the Highway 51 corridor in Phoenix. His San Diego clients needed a look inside a home that checked all of their boxes. It’s a polished flipped property listed by HomeSmart. The ranch home is listed for $414,900. The home on E. Beryl Avenue fits the bill for quick access to interstates, retail, and healthcare. This quiet neighborhood is situated just north of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Here is Jim’s video response:

Bubbleinfo TV Moving to Phoenix


I have watched Jim’s videos for years. He was one of the rare agents whose quality web content inspired me to launch The Arizona Report. Then, by sheer coincidence, my sister in San Diego enlisted the Klinge Realty Group to help her find a home in Point Loma in 2012. Jim and I have connected through social media and it has been my great pleasure to talk markets and real estate trends with this veteran broker.

Jim Klinge can be reached at Compass Real Estate in Carlsbad at (858) 997-3801.


Thank God I arrived the day before yesterday, the first of the month, at this port of San Diego, truly a fine one, and not without reason called famous. – Fr. Junipero Serra, Roman Catholic Spanish priest who founded a mission in southern California in 1769