There’s a good chance that your new neighbors are from California. Los Angeles or Irvine to be exact.

LinkedIn recently released its July 2018 Workforce Report that reveals the main geographic sources of inbound Phoenix workers. The monthly report tracks migration, employment trends and skills gaps for each of the 20 largest U.S. metros.

The professional job profile website is the 32nd most trafficked website in the world. More than 149 million U.S. users have accounts with the company. The LinkedIn report draws data from the previous 12 months. It defines migration as a member changing their profile location on the site.

Phoenix draws job seekers from major coastal cities as well as a few regional mid-sized metros.

California represented 4 of the largest metros feeding Phoenix with new employees. Combined, those Golden State movers accounted for 41% of the employees who headed to the Sonoran Desert in the last calendar year from the top ten locales. Los Angeles led with 21%.

Among the top locations to provide the Valley of the Sun with job seekers are New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego and Albuquerque.

Arizona cities also had a strong showing. Tucson and Flagstaff ranked 3 and 4, respectively.

One outlier brought 14,300 job seekers from the upper Midwest. Minneapolis-St. Paul is the eighth largest source of workers for Phoenix according to the LinkedIn study. Companies moving to or expanding into Phoenix from Minneapolis-St. Paul in the last year include EXB Solutions, The Nerdery, Atmosphere Commercial Interiors and Preferred Packaging and Crating Inc.

Denver was notably absent from the top 10 list for inbound Phoenix workers in 2018. It ranked 8th on the same list in 2017. However, Denver now leads the LinkedIn Workforce Report in July 2018 as the top metro in the country for inbound employees. There is still a net flow into Phoenix from Denver. However, only 6,800 workers moved here from Denver in 2018 compared to 12,700 in 2017.

Where does Phoenix lose its workers to? In short, Texas. According to the LinkedIn study, the top employment magnets drawing away from Arizona are Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Orlando.


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